Sunday, October 17, 2010

All for the boy!

These started as ideas in my notebook.  I love seeing my ideas come to fruition.

Every shirt is the Farbenmix Hilde pattern.  And the fabric is all Stella cotton/spandex knit that is manufactured here in Australia.  I love the colours that they produce. 

Wilfried Waschke available at Huups.

Up to the Stars available at Kunterbunt
Affenbande and Affentheater from Huups  (this is one is a belated birthday gift...Will chose this one for his friend.)

Little Devils from Huups

Kaefer from Zaubermasche

I was thinking about offering these tops for custom order (all the ones sewn here are for Will except the birthday pressies).  My hestitation would be the cost.  Because of the extra steps of sewing the yoke and all of the topstitching plus the embroidery, a top would cost $45-$50.


Chris said...

Your shirts are the cutest boy's shirts I've seen in a long time. Pattern, colors and embellishments are just perfect! Good job :O)

cherri said...

Hi Sara

These are all knock outs. I love the monkey one especially.

Oh how cute would it be if you had a little website where buyers could select colours and apply them to the t-shirt to see what matches, and then select their embroidery!



cherri said...

Also...Will is so cute with his blonde hair and his poses are fabulous!

Liam's Mummy said...

They are all awesome. I love all of the embroidery, along with the colours you have chosen.

Di Nosaur said...

I have been doing something very similar (different pattern though) and am hoping they sell well when I take them to the markets. I do a shorts to match and will charge about $70-80.

I think yours are great! I LOVE them!

Do it, sell them! People would be crazy not to buy them :)

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

They look fantastic!

You can always put them up for sale and test the market. If not then you have some brilliant gifts ready and waiting for Will's friends this year.

There is a lot of work in those Sara. Having just spent the last few days doing stitchouts I appreciate how long they can take. It might say 45 mins on the countdown but by the time you change threads, remove and cut applique etc it all adds up. Not to mention all your top stitching.

Will is a very willing model, love his expressions!

Karen said...

Boy your son is cute Sara!
Will just looks like he's having such fun all the time.
You should definitely sell these - I have a number of friends with boys who would pay that much for a shirt like this - different, fun and colourful.
Love 'em.

Kylie said...

They look great - Will looks rather happy with them:)

That is the hard thing about making to sell isn't it. All the time and effort and you just dont know if people will pay for it...
I would say maybe offer custom orders - you never know - there is not alot of boys stuff around - you might just sell heaps:)

Cass said...

They looks great Sata and Will looks like he lvoes them too

Tas said...

Awesome Sara. I think I want to try this pattern for my boys now. You make me want to sew clothes for my boys.