Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rainbow pieces

I think I'm starting to become unexciting at day 5.  Today we went for a playdate at our friend's.  I could have taken my camera and photographed her overgrown garden.  We came home with some broad beans which the kids picked.

I don't carry our camera about much.  It's just too big.  I know boohoo feel bad for me because I have a DSLR and lenses and a nice flash.  It's great when you want to set up to take a bunch of pictures, but not so great for in the moment happy snaps when you too are involved in the moment.   I keep saying I am going to buy myself something like an Ixus to shove in my bag, but it just hasn't happened.

So I'll just show you what I am working on.  These are redondo pieces which have been ironed and sorted by size.  You should see what they look like when the come out of the dryer.   Have I ever told you how much I dislike ironing?  (I bet more times than you can count)
ironed redondo pieces

Will has a birthday party on Saturday, and I need to get a shirt made for the present, so hopefully you will get to see something that isn't rainbow.


CurlyPops said...

I'm the same with cameras. The big bulky one stays at home, and I take a little pocket camera with me for outings (that is if I remember of course)

Anne said...

Hang in there theres only what 26 days to go...;)

I know what you mean about cameras I have a Nikon D70 my Dad gave me. Which is great but it bulky and heavy.
My small camera died. I need a camera for blog pics so I can carry around in my hand bag.

Helen said...

Aww, more pretty rainbow pics :) They do brighten the place up, all those beautiful rainbow colours!
I don't mind the blogging, if only I didn't sit down to do it so late at night. I feel like going to bed, then remember I haven't blogged yet...