Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's official

I've signed up for 
Blogtoberfest - Large - White Background

Many thanks to tinniegirl and CurlyPops for organising.

Today the kids and I put glitter on our toes.  Lisa posted a link to a blog post about glitter toes on the Crafty Mamas forum.  I just knew that Miss Moo would love to do it.  Spotlight was kind enough to have a coupon recently, and Moo spotted this when we were shopping
So many pretty colours!

And here's what we did...
Will really wanted his done too, so he has silver glittery toes.  I think that is ok for a super hero, right?


toadstooldots said...

wonderful and sparkling!

Anne said...

I love it....
It's been too cold up here to get our toes out.
I always like a little sparkle on my toes....:)

I do have bit of a Noro Stash...;)