Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween & Hooray it's the end of Blogtoberfest

We were invited to go trick or treating with Moo's best friend.  Her grandparents live in a neighbourhood that had organised trick or treating.   The houses participating had balloons outside.

All dressed up and ready to go


Look there's a balloon....more candy!!!


Trick or treat!

Thank you!

Now I have to say something to my Australian readers.  First up I am not some crazy American that thinks Halloween needs to be celebrated here.  We just happened to be invited along to this little celebration, and I knew how much my kids would enjoy it.   But I do have an issue with the Australian interpretation of Halloween that it must be scary costumes!  It is NOT about scary costumes. It is just about dressing up.  I personally don't think small children should be dressing up like zombies, the grim reaper, etc.  The reason Moo was a witch was because her best friend wanted to dress up as something scary.  Moo wanted to be the same as her friend.  The costume contest was for the scariest costume which is why B wanted to dresses as something scary. 

The black skirt wearing Mollie is wearing is from an old t-shirt of mine that I chopped up and made into a skirt this afternoon because she had no black clothing.  That is partially because she can't wear black to school and partially because she doesn't like to wear black.  I would have made her a top and done more, but the costume decision was made in the afternoon and we had to be there by 4pm. 

Wow, I can't believe I managed to post 31 days in a row for Blogtoberfest.  Thank you to Cathy of tinniegirl for hosting.   Perhaps you've learned a bit more about me.  Maybe I've scared you.  I will warn you that I will probably go quiet for a few days.  I have some Redondo skirts, Olivia dresses, Antonia tops and Paula pants that are cut and waiting for me to sew.


NessaKnits said...

My kids had their first real Halloween experience tonight thanks to a friend. We traipsed her streets visiting a few preorganised destinations and a few cold calls and the kids had a marvellous time and came home with more lollies than they will ever need in a month. You will be pleased to know that while we did have scary witches, we also had an apricot princess complete with crown, a pirate and Spiderman!

Fliegepilzli said...

SpiralStone said...

Congratulations on 31 days of blogging every day! I'll miss your daily posts!

toadstooldots said...

Congrats that you could stand the whole month of blogging!!!
The kids look great. Love the black/pink combination on Mollie. You may could put an embroidery an the skirt and some colourful ruffles and than its not black anymore.

Milly said...

Hey Sara,

I am most impressed that you managed to blog every day for a month. I loved logging on every day and seeing what you were going to post about today (BTW... thanks to you I now feel the need to visit a kitchen store and by a small grater thingo!)

Steffi said...

The kids looks great in their Halloween costumes.I am sure they enjoyed it.