Friday, October 15, 2010

Shopping again

I know, I know...I've been shopping again.
I had to go to Rozelle with a friend. She saw some cups in the Essential Ingredient on the weekend and decided that she had to have them. I'm a good friend, and I couldn't let her go alone.
rozelle shopping
At the Essential Ingredient I bought a rolling pin (I have a nice one, but it's curved lengthwise and I wanted one that was straight-sided), some muscovado sugar and a couple of kitchen utensils for Will. Herbies Spices is conveniently located a few doors down, so I was able to pop in and grab some spices that I needed.

My friend has mentioned that she saw Adriano Zumbo had a new place in Rozelle (the patisserie is Balmain). It's the new cafe. So we popped in there to have a look. I had to buy some macarons, of course. The salted butter caramel was my favourite. Mollie really liked the chocolate one unsurprisingly.

After shopping in Rozelle we went over to Leichhardt to have lunch. On the way back to the car Will was eating gelato. He was walking just ever so slightly behind me, and I kept turning around to check on him. As we were walking through the shopping centre, I turned back to see Will looking upset and clutching his cup of gelato to his chest with it running down his shirt. I asked him what happened, and he said, "someone bumped me.". So my friend and I start cleaning him up and a woman comes up to us and tells us that a man just walked into Will, made him spill his gelato on himself and then rolled his eyes at Will. She said it wasn't Will's fault at all.
gelato top

Some people are assholes.  (but that woman was very nice)


Lesley said...

Ok that's it's I'm coming for a visit. Herbies, Essential Ingredient AND Adriana Zumbo!!

Poor Will - you are right some people are assholes :( Lovely lady though!

Kylie said...

Poor Will - it would have been a top day if the man had not made his presense seen:(
Looks like a great little place to get kitchen things:)

Lola Nova said...

Nice to know that there was a lovely lady to balance out the asshole.

Looks like a delicious shopping day!

cherri said...

What a prick...honestly they complain about children have no manners these days...

mi-ka-do said...

So ein Mist, ich kann dir sagen: Schokoladeneis geht nur sehr schwer wieder raus.
Deine Shirts sind echt toll geworden.