Monday, October 11, 2010

Editorial Correction

Today we went for a playdate at our friend's.  I could have taken my camera and photographed her overgrown garden.  We came home with some broad beans which the kids picked.
 Angela would like me to state that her garden was in fact not overgrown, but in its natural state.  And I have to tell you that her garden as a whole is beautiful.  It was just the broad beans that had gone crazy and were all over the place in the VEGGIE garden.   And when the Will-zilla tromped through them, well, it looked like a wild animal had rolled around in broad beans.

Tonight I finally got around to cooking them.  Most fortuitously there were broad bean recipes in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Living the other week.
broad bean fritters recipe

Mine came out a little soft.  Perhaps because I didn't have quite enough broad beans.  The flavour was fantastic.  Mollie ate hers and her brother's.
broad bean fritters

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Lola Nova said...

Yum! You have been making some delicious looking food lately! And I adore that super hero shirt, stunning!