Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 13 - Balls

I saw this recipe on, and the mention of dried cherries had me sucked in.  I love dried cherries. 


I changed the recipe to suit the ingredients that I had on hand. 

100g dried cherries
100g sultanas
100g cashews, toasted
100g raw cacao nibs
30g maple syrup
Desiccated coconut for rolling as needed

Weigh the cacao nibs into the TMX and process 10 sec/speed 8. Throw the rest in except the coconut. Blend 10 sec/speed 8.
With damp hands, roll into tablespoon size balls and roll in coconut.

Tenina advises to let the balls sit for a while.  Don't eat them right away.  I totally agree with this.  The flavours meld nicely after sitting.

The first time I made these I gave them to a friend.  She likes this type of stuff.   She's pregnant, and I thought these would make a nice little pick me up because they are full of good stuff like antioxidants.  And I used organic ingredients (except the cherries).  Of course, I had a mental discourse about "should I or shouldn't I?"  "will she like them?"  "am I being silly?"  In the end I just decided to do it.  I'm trying to push through my introvert tendency to over-analyse everything.  I want to evaluate all possibilities, so I spend too much time thinking and not enough doing.  I've decided that more doing is good.  I think about my friends often, and I like doing things for them which is why I made more today.  


Karen said...

A gift that is handmade - be it food or clothing always shows someone you are thinking of them - good on you for pushing through and giving them to your friend Sara.'
I LOOOVE it when friends who love to cook make me food!

Tas said...

They sounds good!

Wish I lived closer so you could practice pushing through your introvert issues on me as much as you wanted.

H said...

another lining up for handouts..:P I've saved this recipe! Rite Price down the road from me has dried sour cherries! I'll need to track the cocoa nibs down though.

Lesley said...

I can't see anyone not liking them Sara, they look beautiful and cherries are yum!!