Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 26 - Daisy Skirt

I picked up my overlocker today.  It's good because I was starting to get withdrawals from not making any clothes.  I've had this skirt cut out for Moo since August. 

Pattern:  Farbenmix Caroline
Caroline is a cute tiered skirt with leggings.  The leggings come in three lengths.
Fabrics:  Mad Sky Daisy print for the skirt and Stella in lime for the shorts.

Caroline skirt

The leggings underneath

Caroline shorts

Close up of the gathering

Caroline closeup
I'm not sure if you can see the difference in the gathering between the top tier of gathering and the lower one?  The top one looks nicer, little gathers with even spacing.   With the bottom tier, I made a couple of mistakes and was too lazy to fix them.  So what is the difference?

For both tiers I used my ruffler foot, but with the upper tier I made sure the gathering stitches were on the seam line.  With the bottom tier the gathering stitches were too far from where I was sewing the seam because I'd forgotten that I'd cut my pieces with a 6mm seam allowance. (sometimes I use a 1cm seam allowance.)  The gathering stitches were over 1cm from the edge, so too far where the seam was stitched.

My second mistake was that I didn't use my walking foot when I sewed together the middle and bottom tier. I just did it on the overlocker.  So the two factors combined gave me uneven gathering that looks really flat.  When you use a walking foot, it doesn't compress and push the gathered piece as much as a standard presser foot.  It is also important to make sure your gathered piece is on top, so that you can adjust and make sure the gathers stay even.

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