Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 29 - Sweetness!

Weeks ago I signed Mollie and a friend up for a children's cooking class at Sweetness The Patisserie.  The class was part of Crave - Sydney International Food Festival.  I always look in the festival guide when it comes out.  When I saw this class, I KNEW that I had to book a spot for Miss Moo. 

Here are the girls in uniform.

Mollie and B at Sweetness1

I don't have any photos of them creating because I left them to it.  The patisserie isn't really big enough for parents and kids, so I went shopping while the girls learned and created.  

Here they are waiting for their rainbow shortbread to be bagged.  I tasted a tiny piece of Moo's shortbread.  It was delicious, and definitely short!

Mollie and B at Sweetness2

Beautiful and delicious!

Sweetness shelves
I have a confession. I work nearby.  I can easily pop into Sweetness on a work day, but I don't.  It's not because I don't want to, but that it's counterproductive for the weight loss project.

It is worthwhile mentioning that Sweetness also sell some ingredients that aren't easily sourced other places.  A while back I blogged about Fiori di Sicilia.  Gena sells it!  So yes, you can get it in Australia.  She also sells the divine Boyajian citrus oils and dried Montmorency cherries.

Sweetness - The Larder

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Lesley said...

Hmm might have to send you shopping for me Sara! Sounds like some of those things will make perfect additives to Christmas baking.

Looks like the girls had a wonderful time too.