Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 30 - Scraping the Bottom

Nothing exciting to say today.  I'm tired after trying to get two excited girls to go to sleep last night.  The girls didn't go to sleep until midnight!  Moo was ready for bed by 6pm tonight.  The kids also ran around like lunatics in the yard with the sprinkler going, so that would have worn them out that bit more.  No lectures about water usage, we have a rainwater tank. 

I spent most of the day tidying.  I'm having a Thermomix demo tomorrow.  I'm only having the demo, so I can get my Thermo Server.  My friends know this.  They don't feel any pressure, and we get fed lunch.  Because I was trying to organise the house and minimise the chaos created by the kids, I didn't grab my camera at all today.  Although my friend did pop over to take some photos of the girls, Moo, B & C, in some of my creations.  I was secretly hoping that C would send me some of the photos.  So instead you can have this photo of Will showing off a Lego creation.  We love Lego until we step on it.

Will Lego


Lesley said...

You did way better than me Sara, I failed dismally for blogtober lol! I've enjoyed all your lovely posts :)

Vic said...

Huzzah! We made it to the end! Wish I could pop over for a free lunch with you hehe.